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Family Friendly Weapon Use
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Alternatively Weapons Are Tools.

Weapons by definition are designed to hurt and/or kill people. Therefore showing their effects in more family friendly shows is a no-no. However, kids think weapons are cool. So how does an enterprising media higher-up concile those two?

A way to do so is make it so that the weapon user uses the weapon for apparently anything but the purpose it was designed for. For example, a sword user may use the sword as an oversized pocket knife to cut ropes or even block attacks but never stab people with it. Or a gun user may use it to disarm enemies or knock them unconscious by shooting another object causing it to drop on their heads but never actually hit anyone. While this theoretically conveys the notion that the hero is so proeficient with the weapon that he can actually use it non lethally, it makes one wonder if, seeing as he's apparently such a stickler for non lethality, he could use a more appropriate tool.


  • The A-Team were infamous for getting involved in massive firefights where no one was hit only to end them by shooting overhead objects into hitting their enemies.
  • Lucky Luke mostly used his Improbable Aiming Skills to disable opponents.
  • As lampshaded in Shortpacked, Leonardo never really stabbed anyone with his sword.
  • The ridiculous failed TV pilot Samurai had the titular Samurai use his sword to defensively block attacks cut ropes, chop off doorknobs, and push elevator buttons but never actually stab anyone.
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