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Doting Lover
A person (usually male) who incessantly dotes on and expresses devotion for their lover.
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A main character trait of the Doting Lover is his or her utter devotion to the object of their affections. They will continually gush about how amazing their sweetheart is to anyone who will listen, will go to ridiculous lengths to fulfill their dearest's most trivial of desires, will leap to attend to their love's every need, and will constantly pamper them, shower them with praise, and address them by the sweetest of pet names.

Just as the Doting Parents trope must be handled deftly to avoid becoming My Beloved Smother or Overprotective Dad, this trope must take care to not make the Doting Lover appear desperate, pathetic, or insecure, or make the object of the Doting Lover's affections appear unappreciative or unworthy, or this trope can very well slide into Love Martyr.

All Take and No Give is the dark side of this trope.

Examples from recent works are almost Always Male, due to Values Dissonance regarding women who are too devoted to their men rather than being strong and independent. However, older works absolutely adored assigning this trope to the heroines, particularly Purity Sues, even more often than male characters.

Compare Doting Parents.
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