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Princess Phase
The time in a young girl's life when she idolizes all things related to princesses.
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Emily: Ah, I have a wonderful idea! Have you ever worn a tiara?
Rory: Well, when I was four...
Emily: You look like a princess.
--Gilmore Girls

If you ask a girl who's in preschool or kindergarten she'll probably know that Everything's Better with Princesses. She will have a fairy tale princess's attitude making her anywhere between a gracious but breakable cutie and a Tiny Tyrannical Girl who might feel entitled to a pony.

She is or acts like she's seven years old at the most. Princesses Prefer Pink so that's probably her favorite color. She'll imagine herself as a pretty princess or prentend to be a princess bride. Her court will be consist of stuffed animals and dolls. She might want a Prince Charming by her side as long as she still gets to be her Daddy's Girl, looking up to him as if he's a king. If you tried to explain it to her she wouldn't understand why Girls Need Role Models.

Contrast the other end of the scale where she's One of the Boys. Compare Real Men Wear Pink where there's a little princess in each manly man. Also compare the Disney Princess concept.


  • One day Manny of Degrassi imagines herself as Cinderella with Craig as her Prince. Craig likes her but says that he can't kiss her because she reminds him of his five year old sister.
  • Lana Lang's first scene of Smallville shows her as a child of three pretending to be a fairy princess.
  • Mentioned by Taylor Swift in "The Best Day," when describing early memories of her and her mother.
    "There is a video I found from back when I was three...\
It's the age of princesses and pirate ships and the seven dwarfs..."

  • The Princess and the Frog: Charlotte La Boef is firmly in this stage when we see her and Tiana as young girls in the opening--her room filled to the brim with pink frilly dresses, tiaras, and fairytale accessories while she moons over a fairytale read by Tiana's mother. Flash forward fifteen or so years...and nothing's changed.
  • In A Little Princess Sara Crew lives a charmed life so much so that she not only fancies herself a princess but says that all girls are princesses. She's nearly a teenager but it fits since it is in the Victorian period and probably aimed at little girls.
  • Rory Gilmore of Gilmore Girls doesn't want her grandmother to make her into a princess as she thinks of it being something for small children.
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