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Offer Her Your Arm
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The Standard Male Grab Area.

A gentleman will always offer a lady his arm to escort her.

The lady always grabs the man's arm, never the other way around, since it is always up to her to decide if she wishes his company.

Many times, the arm is offered in a half sarcastic, half serious manner, as both understand it is rather archaic in modern times that a woman would be incapable of walking by herself.

An arm may be also be offered to a blind person to assist them. According to what I've read, you NEVER grab the blind person's arm, always let them grab yours, regardless of the sex of each of you. This is both respectful and logical, as grabbing or pulling someone blind can lead to accidents.

Boy Scouts are supposed to offer to help women across the street in this manner. Today it is mostly used in a joking manner (i.e. the Scout drags an unwilling old lady across the street).

If a man does this with both arms, it's A Lady on Each Arm. The Spear Counterpart to Standard Female Grab Area, although it doesn't make the male helpless (most of the time). A sure sign of Blue Blood (see the page image there). The Straw Feminist will sneer at the offer.


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