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Homages to those famous fight scenes from King Kong
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Ever since King Kong brawled against several prehistoric monsters in his 1933 debut, filmmakers (and other creators) have found the image of a giant ape fighting a vicious dinosaur too iconic, symbolic, and just plain awesome to resist. As a result, dozens of homages to the scene have sprung up over the years, as well as variations on its imagery and themes. The fight itself also makes popular stock footage if a scene calls for a character to watch a cheesy older movie.

The scene can also be deeply symbolic, as it calls back to the mammals' supplanting of reptiles as the dominant animal class on Earth following the K-T extinction (especially if the ape wins, as it often does), to which humanity owes its existence.

A clear subtrope of Cool Versus Awesome.


  • The defunct Disney Adventures had a comic called Gorilla Gorilla, about two roommates, Gorilla Gorilla and Lizard Lizard, who habitually transformed into colossal versions of themselves and did battle. However, neither of them knew the other was actually his arch-nemesis.

  • The classic scene from King Kong. Kong fights a stegosaurus, sauropod, tyrannosaurus, and giant pterosaur at different points in the movie. Peter Jackson's 2005 remake turns this up to eleven; Kong rips apart three giant vastatosaurs (fictional tyrannosaurids) at once, a horde of giant bats, and (in a deleted scene) a giant ceratopsian.
  • It was only logical, therefore, that Kong would eventually fight the King of Monsters.

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