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You ever notice how, in some fiction-- especially cartoons-- Things or people that are subject to extreme cold not only get frozen, but get frozen into a huge block of ice? Even though there's no water around to freeze? That's this trope. Think of all the times you've seen a character who was shut inside a freezer sliding out in an ice block the exact shape and size of the freezer itself. Where the hell does the ice come from?

This may also apply to characters who have fallen into cold water and come out in a block of ice; if the water isn't cold enough to have frozen already, then, once again, where does the ice come from?

Related to Harmless Freezing, Elemental Baggage. See also Human Popsicle. Sometimes occurs in conjunction with Space Is Cold.

I can't think of any specific examples, but I'm pretty sure a lot of old cartoons, like Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry, are pretty big offenders.

(Sidenote: Just so we're clear on the distinction, Elemental Baggage is when magic spells and the like have the inexplicable ability to create the element in question (such as ice) from thin air; this trope is when ice appears simply because something is cold.)
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