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In a movie or TV show with police in them, any time a convoy transporting a prisoner or more is shown, it will almost always be attacked. Sometimes, a convoy may even be sent out for exactly this reason.

Occasionally, a convoy may not even need to be attacked. Something can simply go awry during the trip, especially if it involves prisoners, and the transports never make it.

For video games, this trope only applies if the player attacks a convoy. If the player is tasked with defending one, it's an Escort Mission.


[[folder:Comic Books]]
  • In Post-World War Hulk, Bruce Banner is being transported in a convoy which gets attacked. But it turns out he's in a different convoy.


[[folder:Live Action TV]]
  • In NUMB3RS, Colby escapes his convoy with his cuff partner ridiculously easily. Is it really that easy to smuggle a key in and shoot your guard? Really?
  • 24. At the end of season 5, this is how Bierko escapes. Also at the end of season 8, the ambulance convoy carrying Jack Bauer, who was shot, gets attacked by a team sent to drag him to a remote area to execute him.
    • 24 uses it straight but also double subverts it during Season 8. Jack sends an ambulance carrying a captured villain to an hospital for treatment and interrogation, expecting that the villain's business partners will attack it to kill him and prevent him from talking to CTU. Unknown to them the villain is already dead and the ambulance is sent as a mobile bait. However, thinking that they are safer attacking the hospital once the villain is carried there, the partners leave the ambulance alone.
  • Done in an early episode of The Shield, with a van transporting evidence rather than one transporting prisoners. The catch: the attackers are none other than the Strike Team, launching a last ditch effort to get rid of evidence ''they planted'' that would've sent an innocent man to jail.


  • The Fugitive. While being transported to jail, a fight breaks out on the prisoner bus which ends up killing the driver and causing the bus to topple onto train tracks, effectively forcing the protagonist to escape.
  • TheDarkKnight, where it's done to lure out the Joker. It works, but the vehicle carrying Dent is the only one that survives.
  • Mission: Impossible III: the big bad has just been arrested, so naturally his convoy is attacked and he gets away.
  • The movie SWAT, which turns out to be a decoy.
  • DieHard 2. Terrorists take over an airport to free a drug lord being flown into the U.S. on a jet.
  • Patriot Games. While being transferred to Albany Prison on the Isle of Wight, terrorist Sean Miller's escort convoy is ambushed by his ULA comrades who kill the police officers and free him from custody.
  • James Bond movie Licence to Kill. Drug lord Franz Sanchez offers a reward to anyone who releases him from custody. During a prisoner transfer the convoy carrying him is attacked and he is freed.
    • Licence To Kill is actually a subversion. The convoy isn't attacked. The truck carrying the prisoner drives off a bridge and he's released underwater.
  • The Gauntlet. Clint Eastwood's cop character must get a prostitute from Las Vegas to Los Angeles to testify in a mob trial. They're attacked several times en route.
  • Inverted in 16 Blocks. A one-man detail is assigned to take a prisoner downtown while escaping a gauntlet of angry rogue cops.


[[folder:Video Games]]
  • In some of the Grand Theft Auto games there is at least one mission where the player must attack a convoy:
    • In III, the main target in the convoy is an ambulance.
    • In Vice City, the player has to steal the tank from a miltary convoy.
    • In IV, Niko has to attack a prisoner convoy. In a twist, though, your actual intention is to kill the prisoner and dump the body after losing the police.
  • RedFaction. Guerrilla spawns EDF convoys and sure enough the player is expected to destroy them before they reach their destination.
  • Happens rather often in Just Cause 2.
  • In Far Cry 2, the weapons dealers ask the player to destroy convoys driven by their business rivals so that news weapons are unlocked. Strangely, the convoys never actually go anywhere, as they are always endlessly driving around in a circle.


[[folder:Real Life]]
  • Truth in Television. In war, convoys are one of the favorite targets of guerilla fighters, especially supply convoys. For a while, the most dangerous job in Iraq was military truck driver.

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