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Red Dot Of Doom

When you realize you're in someone's line of fire. And you're screwed.

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We've all seen this kind of scene. A character is standing, apparently alone, when he suddenly sees a red laser dot fleeting on his shirt. They may have the time to say Oh, Crap!, but that will probably be their last words before the sniper pulls the trigger. A parody may show multiple dots instead of one.

By extension, it refers to all instances where a character knows someone they can't see is aiming at them, and knows they cannot hide or escape (they may pull it off if they are Badass enough though). Either by a visible clue or by some sixth sense.

Also see This Is Gonna Suck.

Needs Examples. Desperately. Also needs a good image.


Anime and Manga:

  • Happens at the end of the clip for Repenti from French singer Renan Luce. The old ex-mafioso realizes his past has come to knock at his door and doesn't try to resist.

Visual Novels:
  • In Minagoroshi-hen, Hanyū freezes time when Miyo shoots at Keiichi. The guy spends a full minute of dialogue with a bullet floating 10 cm from his chest, knowing that when time unfreezes, he will be dead.
  • In Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Kanon and Shannon can sense when the Chiester Sisters are aiming at them. Instead of dodging the golden arrows, they deflect them. But that works only once.
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