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Heroic Seductress
Woman who uses sex and sexuality for heroic purposes.
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Sex often has a bad reputation in fiction. Often times, the only characters allowed to have any sort of sex appeal are not the ones we're meant to root for. Character types like The Vamp and the Femme Fatale run amok, doing their evil work, ruining lives and corrupting men into doing nasty things.

But not every sexy girl in fiction is evil. Some of them are downright heroic; and not in spite of their sexiness, but because of it. These are the ladies who epitomize Sex Is Good. They're the ones who use sex as a tool or means to achieve a goal, the same way The Vamp or Femme Fatale might, the only difference being that their goals are... well, not evil.

Here are a few ways the trope can manifest:
  • Sex as a bargaining chip: A night in bed with the heroine to get what she needs to complete her quest or supplies for the town she's trying to save, etc. etc.
  • Sex as a distraction: Taking advantage of the Male Gaze, allowing the heroine's accomplices to complete a task without interruption.
  • Sex as espionage: Getting into bed with people who have high clearance levels, or even the Evil Overlord himself, then using that position to get information or just remove the threat entirely.
  • Sex as encouragement: The heroine beds someone as a way to get him/her into a heroic state of mind. Bonus points is she also brings him over to the good guys side.

Compare Good Bad Girl.

Contrast with The Vamp, who uses sex to corrupt. Also contrast with Femme Fatale, who uses sex to manipulate for purely selfish, often villainous ends.

Frequently crosses with Hooker with a Heart of Gold, Ethical Slut and High-Class Call Girl.

Every example of female-initiated Sex Face Turn featured someone in this role.

Subtrope of Sex Is Good.


Anime and Manga
  • In The Vision of Escaflowne, when Allen Schezar is locked up by his king, Princess Millerna comes down to the dungeons, seemingly trips and Shows Some Leg to the guard, asking him to check her foot. The blushing guard bends down to investigate and gets a Tap on the Head from Allen's lieutenant Gaddess.

Comic Books
  • Black Widow started off as a villain but did a Face-Heel Turn and started working for SHIELD. She still uses sex to get information out of SHIELD's enemies. It is part of her "specific skillset" after all.

  • Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. CIA agent Felicity Shagwell seduces the villain Fat Bastard in order to implant a Tracking Device in his buttocks.

  • In Stephen King's The Stand, Dayna Jurgens of the Boulder Free Zone goes to Las Vegas to infiltrate and spy on Flagg's organization. She sleeps with Flagg's right-hand man Lloyd Henreid as part of this mission.
  • Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle's novel Oath Of Fealty. Tony Rand, the chief engineer of the Todos Santos arcology, needs to come up with a plan to rescue someone from police custody. He's talking over his plans with a woman named Delores Martine. Because of problems in his personal life he can't concentrate and starts to lose control of himself, so Delores repeatedly seduces him to calm him down so he can think.
  • Francesca in The Shadow of the Lion uses her position as a high-class courtesan to end a deadly family vendetta and to further the education (in all sorts of ways) of prince Manfred.
  • A lot of problems in the first trilogy of the Kushiel's Legacy series are solved by having the High-Class Call Girl protagonist, Phedre no Delunay, find the right person to sleep with. This ranges from seducing an on-the-fence admiral to infiltrating the harem of a horrific dictator.
  • "Mary" From Robert A. Heinlein's "The Puppet Masters" is walking death with hands/feet, with knives, and with guns. Lots of guns. Every of the guns. But her principle weapon is her sex appeal, which "Sam" is happy for her to use on him, but which is more useful detecting aliens.

Live Action TV
  • The episode "Mirror, Mirror" from Star Trek: The Original Series shows Lieutenant Uhura get minxy with Mirror-Sulu, so that he doesn't notice a warning light that signals transporter tampering by Chief Engineer Scott. Once the danger is past, Uhura switches off the sexy.
  • Inara Serra in Firefly.
    • In the series as a whole she is a minor example. Her status as a Companion granted the Serenity crew a level of respectability, allowing them to get around more easily.
    • In a full-blown moment of the trope, her involvement with the son of the guy who runs Canton gave him the confidence he needed to stick up to his dad, and sooner or later when the responsibility passes to him, he'll rule with a gentler hand.
  • Lexx. Xev was not above using her libido to get what the crew needed. That she finally got the chance to satisfy said libido was of course an added bonus.
  • Chiana in Farscape.
    • At one point, the crew is short on food. When someone offers them what they need in exchange for a night with her, she is more than willing to go through with it for the sake of her crew.
    • On many other occasions, she's used her inherent sex appeal to extract information, or to keep attention on her and be a distraction while her teammates are working.
  • Game of Thrones
    • Margery Tyrell. She's sexy and she knows it. And what does she do with her sexiness? Keeps Joffrey from being too cruel.
    • Shae counts to some extent, being Tyrion's main emotional support.
    • Ros is likewise skilled at using sex to get information. She feeds said information to Varys, who uses it to keep Sansa away from Littlefinger. This gets her killed.
    • Of Dany's many achievements, convincing an enemy general to assassinate his two co-generals and grant her control of his army, simply by being the sexiest woman he's ever met, is pretty close to this.
  • The Walking Dead. A minor example, and possibly a subversion. During the third season, the survivors are being terrorized by a man known as The Governor, whom Andrea just happens to be involved with. Knowing this, Carol suggests she take a page out of Jael's book; sex him to exhaustion, then impale his skull in his sleep. But after he's finally out, she can't bring herself to do it.
  • The heroine of the TV show Lost Girl is a succubus who uses her magical seduction powers to flirt information out of bad guys regularly, and occasionally knocks them unconscious with a kiss.
  • Battlestar Galactica
    • Mrs. Tigh may be a woman of questionable morality, but her liaisons with the Cylon Cavil were ostensibly to secure her husband's release from the detention center, where he was likely being tortured, and had lost an eye.
    • Baltar's Head-Six bounces like a pendulum between this and The Vamp every few episodes or so.
  • Emma, the protagonist of Once Upon a Time, did this for a living as a Bail Bond Investigator, prior to taking over as The Sheriff of Storybrooke. Admittedly, the only time she's ever seen on the job is during the pilot, but holy crap did that dress not work like a charm.

Mythology and Religion
  • The Bible
    • Jael: Invited a fleeing enemy general of an army who had oppressed her people for decades into her tent, shagged him into submission, then drove a tent peg through his skull while he slept.
    • For that matter, to a slightly less fatal degree, Esther: Used her charm, wit, beauty and sex appeal to get a king to marry her, so she could get him to countermand an order to kill a bunch of her people.
    • And to an even more fatal degree, Judith. Similar to Jael, oppressive enemy, uses her sexuality to get close to the guy, then kills him while he's vulnerable. She takes it a step further though... (See: Holofernes).

Video Games

Web Comics
  • In Key Chain Of Creation, seduction is Marena's favored tactic, though she is not above turning into an 8-foot tall werefox should that fail.

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons: Played for Laughs. The episode "Large Marge" has Homer Simpson get masticated by an angry elephant. The Springfield Police are ready to shoot the beast, but Marge realizes that the police are very likely to shoot Homer as well. To allay this, Marge flashes her enhanced breasts to the crowd, and the police stop to ogle and drool. This gives Krusty the chance to comment, "Check out those mogumbos." This key word stops the elephant's rage, and it spits out Homer intact.
  • Aladdin: Jasmine had her moment, keeping Jafar distracted long enough for Al to get the lamp back. Backfired, since Al was (rightly) too squicked out upon seeing her kiss Jafar to keep moving toward the lamp, losing a few crucial seconds.
  • Songstress Angel attempts to seduce Mok in Rock & Rule so that Mok will abandon his Evil Plan to summon a demon during a rock concert. Unfortunately, Mok is Ax-Crazy, and laughs off the attempt, ordering his minions to "take her away."

Real Life
  • Sexual surrogacy is this. Taken from The Other Wiki:
    "A sexual surrogate is a member of a three-person therapeutic sex therapy team consisting of surrogate, client, and supervising therapist.[1] The surrogate engages in education and sometimes intimate physical relations or sex with a patient to achieve a therapeutic goal."
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