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Badass Inflation
Characters who would normally considered Badass are pathetically weak in comparison to everything else.
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Badass Inflation is basically a series raising the standards for what constitutes a Badass. For example, a character who's a hardened criminal, experienced in all forms of weapons, and has taken down entire SWAT teams is finally captured and forced to fight a Horde of Alien Locusts finds himself barely surviving, not getting any kills, and spending most of his time running.

Compare Can't Catch Up.

The inversion is Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond where a not particularly Badass character is in a world where they're "Normal" powers are highly advantageous.

Tabletop Games
  • Imperial Guardsman from Warhammer40000 are either taken from or trained on death worlds, or are hardened criminals from the most wretched of all wretched hives. They are given a lasgun that will punch a hole the size of a fist in an unarmored target, and their flak jackets are a full body suit that can take an 200 rounds from a modern day heavy machine gun and the victim will at the worst have broken ribs. They're also one of the weakest units in the game, used largely for zerg rushes.

Video Games
  • The basic Protoss and Terran unit from Starcraft. The Protoss Zealots are trained and bred for being used for war, armed with an energy shield that's just as tough as they are, an unshielded one can take a blast from a tank, and their energy blades will tear through victims with ease. The Terran Marines are conscripts, recruits, or criminals, who are armed with a heavy rifle (.50 caliber) and suited head to toe in a massive suit of power armor, lastly since almost every male shown has muscles the size of bricks it can be inferred that the harsh environment has caused humans to become tougher and stronger. Since what was described are all basic units that means that they're the weakest units in the game.
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