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Oh man your kid is a zombie -- time to chain him in the basement and kill people for him to feed on!
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It can be hard when a loved one turns into a mindless, monstrous freak who only eats human flesh. For a lot of people, this is apparently the humane option — for said loved one, at least.


Comic Books
  • During the events of Blackest Night, the second Captain Boomerang killed people for his undead Black Lantern father to eat.
  • The villain in Hack/Slash Meets Zombies Vs Cheerleaders is the school's football coach, who has been abducting students and chopping them up for his zombie son.

Western Animation
  • In one episode of South Park, Butters' parents believed their son dead and underwent a ritual to bring him back. When Butters returned home, they thought him an abomination, and tried to feed him a solicitor they killed.

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