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Body of Bodies
A being or creature composed of a large pile of random body parts or corpses.
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An excellent way to add some horror to a creature or show off how abominable your Eldritch Abomination is. These monsters can be either made of various corpses "glued" together, or just being an amalgamation of random body parts disposed in a casual manner. Sometimes it can be the result of the villain of another creature absorbing his underlings or Devour the Dragon in order to become much more powerful. Hence it can fit nicely for a One-Winged Angel. Unlike Flesh Golem (which is likely started as a sort of homage to the Frankenstein Monster), these kind of creatures tend to be "natural" (as in not artificially crafted), or the result of a One-Winged Angel.

Sometimes related to Blob Monster, often is the result of Appendage Assimilation. See also Body Horror and The Worm That Walks.


Anime and Manga
  • Naraku's true form is a giant mass of demonic body parts, with his human head dangling in the middle of it. In the manga, the Flesh-Eating Mask produce a large, blobbish body made from the various corpses of the people it ate. Another one is Magatsuhi, a demon similar to Naraku and born in the same fashion, now sealed inside the Shikon Jewel.
    • Another example is the Kodoku spell: Naraku locks a bunch of demons in a pit and force them to fight. The winner assimilates the body parts of the fallen, ending up in a giant, grotesque beast.
  • In a filler from Naruto, three guys are merged together in a creepy-looking beast of flesh. Things get awful when two of the merged people go crazy and start eating themselves up.
  • In Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Envy's true form is a massive green monster made of the souls of those used as Human Sacrifices to make the philosopher's stone that is basically its heart. You can see a picture of it here.
  • Ichiro Ougi from Kekkaishi is revealed to be a human-shaped mass of flesh comprised of himself and four of his brothers.
  • In Shaman King, Faust VIII turns every skeleton in a graveyard into a 20-Ton Calcium Giant. Even so, Ren dispatches it with ease.

Comic Books
  • One issue of X-men contained a morlock with a power to increase his size and strength by forcibly fusing touched people into his body. In the end Jean Grey had to shut down his brain to save his victims.

  • Clive Barker's short story "In the Hills, the Cities" has a strange example: an annual competition in which the entire populations of two remote villages tie themselves into giant, humanoid rope scaffolds and wrestle. One falls apart and kills the entire village; the other village is collectively Driven to Madness by the sight, comes to see itself as a single being, and wanders into the mountains, singing.

  • BIONICLE: In the Kingdom Alternate Dimension, Teridax first takes over Icarax's body and then absorbs the bodies of every Makuta that died afterwards, gaining their knowledge and mass and becoming an unrecognizable colossus.

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • Corpse Gatherer which is basically animated graveyard, bodies, dirt and all. The corpse gatherer seeks to become bigger and more powerful by adding more corpses to its body, even if it has to make the corpses from the living.
    • A Charnel Hound is unsurprisingly, a huge hound made out of corpses. This creature kills living creatures and adds them to its body.
    • Necronauts, while its description states that it seems to be made out of a pile of bones and corpses. Considering it is an undead that grows by adding bones and corpses to its body, it might be safe to assume that is indeed what made out of what it seems.
    • In the Ravenloft setting, zombie golems and bone golems are created using the destroyed remains of several different (slain) zombies or animated skeletons as raw materials.
    • In the Mystara setting, multiple non-animated skeletons are needed to produce that world's four-armed bone golems.
    • Module X2 Castle Amber. While the PCs are in Averoigne they must defeat a hundred foot tall zombie colossus created out of hundreds of dead bodies.
    • Pathfinder has an undead called the Charnel Collossus, which is basically a huge undead monstrosity that was meant to be used as an un-living library, and is composed of an entire graveyards worth of "like-minded individuals". Imagine the Legion boss from Castle Vania crossed with a centipede.
  • Exalted
    • One of the more random, weird monsters is called the Lookshy Rebel. It's the result of a magical backfire fusing the bodies (and minds?) of several guys into a Body Horror mess that wanders the streets of the city Lookshy, impotently trying to start a rebellion. It has Resurrective Immortality.
    • Alongside the many hideous necrotech and Flesh Golem creations of the Deathlords and their Abyssal knights are the Spine Chains: legless torsos of many human skeletons fused together by shoving the head of each into the next one's ribcage. They crawl around like giant centipedes on their hands, wielding numerous weapons with their front "segments."
  • In the Deadlands adventure The Unity, players face a psychically-charged, undead mass composed of several syker corpses.
  • Vozhd in Vampire: The Masquerade are made by merging a dozen or more Mind Raped servants together with Vicissitude and Black Magic. They're elephant-sized, completely insane, and almost completely uncontrollable, tearing apart everything in reach with whatever assortment of human and non-human limbs their Tzimisce creators felt like giving them.

Video Games
  • In Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Melchiah and his spawn need to absorb flesh and corpses to survive. As a result, he's a massive, slug-like behemoth made from thousands of dead bodies.
  • In Clive Barker's Jericho, the Behemoths are apparently made from countless corpses sewn together in a vague, beastly form.
  • Legion in the Castlevania series is almost always depicted as a colossal being made from human corpses. Sometimes still screaming.
    • Another Castlevania example: the final boss of Dawn of Sorrow, Menace: a giant made out of body parts. Even the battlefield you fight it on is made out of corpses.
  • Argosax from Devil May Cry 2 is this combined with Blob Monster.
  • The Elite Mooks Scions and Praetorians in Mass Effect 2 are composed of three and thirty technologically reanimated dead bodies, respectively. Mass Effect 3 gives us the Cannibals, which are composed of a Batarian and a human corpse grafted together.
  • Lluvia Bloodmire from Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II created several freaking monsters like those and kept them in her manor. Some of them (the humanoid ones) seems to be zombies (they can be damaged by Alissa's Turn Undead), while others seems to be "living beings".
  • The Unburied from Diablo III are undead abominations composed of the bodies of humans thrown into mass graves without a proper burial which decomposed together into one hideous being bound by foul magic.
  • The Final Boss from the second Splatter House game is one. The remake uses one too, with a variation: as it slowly moves towards you and your girlfriend, corpses fall from him, come back to life and attack you.
  • According to the manual, Dan's giant baby form from Clock Tower is actually a shell of corpses and dead bodies.
  • The Creature or "Princess" from TimeSplitters Future Perfect is a colossal undead monster seemingly made from different body parts glued together.
  • Pypes' Beasts in Nightmare Creatures are hulking brute apparently made from this trope, judging from the extra arms and heads.
  • In Dark Souls, Gravelord Nito is made up of humanoid skeletons.
  • Genji has Takajo summoning a huge monster made of human corpses merged together in one single being during her boss battle.
  • Those annoying floating, soul-sucking Genma from Onimusha are composed of various skulls merged together.
  • Centaurs from the Fallout series might count, they are not really a "pile" of bodies, but certainly consist of all kinds of different body parts (mostly arms, legs and heads). Piccy
  • The Flood of Halo are zombies IN SPACE!! They are led by a central intelligence called the Gravemind, who is made out of thousands of corpses and often speaks in Gratuitous Trochaic Septameter.
  • Neo-Exdeath from Final Fantasy V. The boss looks like a mixture of several being and/or creatures.

  • In the Webcomic Drowtales, there is a variant of Demon known as the Glutton which absorbs the body of it's victims into it's mass. The end result is rather Squicky.

Western Animation
  • This is the fate of the Dixie Chicks in Futurama, as shown during the third movie, apparently due to an accident. They also absorb another guy in the mass offscreen.
  • Played for dark humour in Family Guy: Joe gathers his handicapped friends and together form a huge, mecha-like entity called "Crippletron''.
  • In the Adventure Time episode "Freaks," all the freaks combined into one body look like this.

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