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Complaining About Myself
What lunatic is responsible for this? ...What do you mean *I* am?
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Do We Have This One?? Seen It a Million Times. Needs a Better Name, probably, but definitely Needs a Better Description. Most likely Up for Grabs since I hardly come to YKTTW anymore.

Someone is complaining about something, often in the form of "Who made this idiotic decision?!" The complainer is then reminded that they were the ones responsible for what they were complaining about. Something like this:
Alice: What idiot proposed that policy?! It's the most useless and inconvenient policy I have ever seen or heard! Whoever is behind it, I want them fired, thrown in the lake, and relieved of their favorite coffee mug!
Bob: ...The policy was your idea, Alice.

Who Writes This Crap?! can lead into this trope. Not to be confused with Self-Deprecation, wherein the self-slamming is deliberate, or Oblivious Mockery, wherein the slam is equally uninformed yet committed against another character.


This Very Wiki
  • The image and caption for Boss Arena Idiocy invoke this trope and then subvert it. Just in case they're changed, here's the scoop: the image is a pair of panels from Brawl in the Family (first two in the last row), in which Mario uses the axe to chop the bridge and dump Bowser into the pit of lava as in the original Super Mario Bros. game. Bowser yells "WHO DESIGNED THIS CASTLE!?" as he falls. Given that, the caption should be easy to guess. Then the caption backs up and admits that "Bowser" didn't design the castle, but rather his dad did, since that's actually an aged-up Bowser Jr. in the comic, not Bowser himself. It Makes Sense in Context.


Live-Action TV
  • One episode of WKRP in Cincinnati saw the station receive a bomb threat. DJs Johnny and Venus are sent to broadcast directly from the tower transmitter while the station is swept. When they realize that the bomb is actually in the tower where the DJs are, wacky hijinks ensue and program director Andy attempts to broadcast a message by using the booth in the station. Someone points out that the tower transmitter takes precedence and it's impossible to transmit from the station unless a certain switch is flipped at the tower. When Andy says that's dumb and asks who set that up, he's told, "You did. It was cheaper that way."

Video Games

Western Animation
  • In Spongebob Squarepants episode "SB-129", in the end, an annoyed Squidward asks who the hell invented the game of jellyfishing - to which Patrick and Spongebob answers "you, Squidward!" It's because of Time Travel earlier, in which he taught a prehistoric-era Spongebob and Patrick jellyfishing to get them off him and his clarinet.

Real Life
  • There are multiple cases of people accidentally suing themselves due to this trope.

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