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Longlived family name
When descendants of a family retain the same surname through unbelievably many generations
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Donít know if it ought to be a trope (or if it already is), but sometimes in fiction it seems like family names are ridiculously durable. Fair enough that the names of noble and royal bloodlines are carefully preserved, but others make somewhat less sense even when taking into account that a name does not always have to be passed down through a legitimate male heir.

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Seeley Booth from Bones is stated to be a descendant of John Wilkes Booth and retains his surname almost 150 years later (despite John Wilkes Booth never marrying).

The Argent family from Teen Wolf can supposedly trace their ancestry back to an Argent who hunted werewolves in 1767.

Michael Corvin from Underworld retains the surname Corvinus minus the Ėus suffix, making the family name about 1000 years old.

The Van Helsing family name is also passed down through several generations in various medias, though the generation gap varies.

The Simpsons' family name has managed to survive nine generations.

The Mc Duck family goes back at least five generations, but seems to be much, much older.
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