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Feared Trope

A character, fearing a trope will happen, calls it out.

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What happens when a character, worried about a trope happening, wants to let it be known? They call out the trope they fear is going to happen. They may or may not be Genre Savvy, they may just be worried about the trope happening. They could even be Genre Blind, and have their fears improperly placed.

This is called a Feared Trope, as it refers to a trope that's being called out due to worry it may happen, whether invoked or not.

So what is said when say... somebody is worried The butler may do it? Perhaps Alice calls him out:

Or perhaps the Big Bad has a fear of Power Glows. He too could call out their use:

  • Emperor Evulz: 'These rapsacllions and their glowing swords! They're going to kill me with them!'

See also Lampshaded Trope, for when mentioned by a character without fear, Discussed Trope and Conversational Troping for other ways tropes may be talked about within a work.
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    I'm not sure if there's a trope similar to this already, but I couldn't find one already.