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The Mew

A subtrope of Secret Character, the Secret Character has noticeably unorthodox and/or overpowered skills compared to the normal cast

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Want to make your Secret Character worth going through the trouble of finding? Or if you have to fight them, make them a challenge for a player skilled enough to find them? Give them abilities and powers unlike any other character. Give them Game-Breaker attacks, the best attacks from other characters, give them special gimmick attacks with unique effects!


  • Mew from Pokémon is the Trope Namer. It has a subpar innate moveset, but has the unique ability to learn all moves taught by TMs, and in later games is compatible with every move taught by Move Tutors except for the handful exclusive to specific Pokemon, like Draco Meteor or Relic Song. It's also the only Pokemon aside from Ditto to learn Transform.
  • Mortal Kombat, many of the hidden characters are a Palette Swap of the generic "Ninja" characters, like Sub-Zero and Scorpion, but will have the moves of other characters along with higher power and/or speed. The Ur-Example of the series is Reptile, a ninja palette swap with the moves of both Sub-Zero and Scorpion and higher speed.
  • Final Fantasy VI, Gogo is a Mime implied to have crossed over from Final Fantasy V, and as the Job in that game could do, he can copy the command abilities of the playable cast and use them freely, with the exception of Terra's Trance. Paralleling Gogo is the other hidden character Umaro, who is The Berserker and will only ever use physical blows, but he's very good at them.
  • Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Gabranth and Shantotto. Gabranth's gimmick is that he's pathetically weak, but his HP attack charges his EX Gauge so he can enter EX Mode, where he rises to Game-Breaker Lightning Bruiser power levels. Shantotto meanwhile has the only Bravery attacks in the game that do no damage, instead inflicting status ailments like Bind or Poison to set up for her HP attacks, which unique to her can be chained together to pile up more Bravery before damaging HP.
  • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Cosmos learns Mimic at Level 5 (the only other characters to learn it learn it at Levels 55 and 75) and is one of only two characters to have S-rank Luck (The other is Vaan, who otherwise has poor stats and abilities). She also has the unique ability Soul Voice, doubling the effects of her Song abilities to make them ridiculously powerful.
  • Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, using the Faction Editor's Load Faction feature and typing in "sid" or "brian" unlocks the eighth hidden faction, the Firaxians, named for the developer company and lead by one of its two designers, Sid Meier or Bryan Reynolds, depending on the inputted name. The faction uniquely has no positive or negative innate traits, letting them use any society models the player wishes, and begins the game with the Singularity Mechanics tech, an end-game tech that allows usage of Singularity Engines, giving units higher HP.
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