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Everyone (or nearly everyone) in a work has magical powers.
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In the real world, people don't have magical powers. In order to maintain suspension of disbelief, this is usually the case in fiction as well. Even if a work contains magic users, their abilities are usually game-breaking enough that they are considered an elite class, that only a chosen few are lucky enough to achieve.

Well, this trope will have none of that.

In these works, every character (or nearly every character) can harness mystical forces. Perhaps the work takes place in a Wizarding School, or focuses solely on a Magical Society. Or maybe everyone in the world has magical powers. In any case, magic is commonplace, and not being a wizard sets a character apart from the normals.

Sub-trope to Everyone Is a Super, dealing exclusively with powers considered to be magical.


Anime and Manga
  • Mx0 is a story about Kuzumi Taiga, a Badass Normal who accidentally finds himself enrolled in Wizarding School Seinagi Academy. The plot revolves around him trying to hide his lack of abilities from his classmates, who all think he's a Teen Genius.

Card Games
  • The premise behind Magic: The Gathering is that of a duel between wizards (or "Planeswalkers"), who draw on mana to cast spells and summon creatures. In essence, every single player is a wizard.

  • The Darksword Trilogy takes place in the land of Thimhallan, where almost everyone is born with magical powers. Babies born without magical abilities are killed; those who manage to escape the system are considered Dead (with a capital D), and efforts are made to convert them into the lower-case version as well.
  • The Harry Potter books take place almost exclusively in the Wizarding World, when not in Hogwarts itself.
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