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Going to Hell Gloat
A character, usually villainous, gloats about going to hell.
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"And when we're rich as Croesus, Jesus, won't we see you all in hell!"
-- M. and Mme. Thenardier, "Beggars at the Feast," Les MisÚrables

Ah, Hell. Place of eternal torture and fire and brimstone. Or maybe it's a giant combat arena, an organic monstrosity, or loaded with irony and Cool and Unusual Punishment. Or hell, maybe it ain't all that bad. Regardless of how it's depicted, it's where the bad guys end up. This bad guy knows it, and in true Card-Carrying Villain fashion, is 100% proud of where his soul will spend eternity. Whether it's their defiant last words or just part of their standard Evil Gloating, they downright braggarts about it.

See also See You in Hell.


  • The Thenardiers from Les MisÚrables have a good gloat about going to hell after dying rich as kings.
  • One Wild West criminal's last words were, "Can we move it along, I'm late in hell for dinner!"
  • Greed does it in Fullmetal Alchemist, when he is eliminated by Father by being plunged into an acid bath.
    Greed: Hellfire will probably be a lot hotter than that! I'm going ahead, to see what it looks like! HAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  • The stage version of Oilver! has Sykes' Villain Song combine this with a kind of Macbeth-style sentiment that it's not like he'll ever be sufficiently redeemed anyway. Clearly, he is well past caring.
  • The immortal line from 300:
    Leonidas: Tonight, we dine in HELL!
  • Eminem's track "My Dad's Gone Crazy" includes the line:
    I'm goin' to hell! Who's comin' with me?
  • Oswald Danes in Torchwood: Miracle Day. He does this as a Dying Speech, excited to be heading to hell as he'll get to chase all the naughty little girls he killed in life.
  • Voltaire has a few:
    • "When You're Evil" mentions: "I promise on my damned soul.."
    • "Going to Hell in a Handbasket", and possibly "Death Death etc.".
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