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Female Gaze currently redirects to Eating the Eye Candy. But in my estimation it would be more useful to define this as a parallel trope to Male Gaze- that is, make it about the tendency of the camera to linger on sexy male body parts. While obviously lesser in scope than Male Gaze, it's still a tropable concept and one we should have. Need more ideas for the definition write-up as well as examples.

It can sometimes be difficult to differentiate where this trope is really Female Gaze or Homosexual-Male Gaze, owing to the fact that both groups (mostly) find the same things sexually attractive, and that appeal to both groups is still not considered particularly mainstream. Regardless, this trope is still called Female Gaze just for the sake of cohesion.

Here's what I've cribbed from the Male Gaze article that is described as Female Gaze-

  • Dragon Ball Z. Granted, of course, this is a series that prides itself on heavily muscled men beating the snot out of each other. Still, there are far more long panning shots up spandex-clad male bodies than can possibly be justified by dramatic reasons. May explain part of the show's relatively large female following.
  • Batman Forever and especially Batman & Robin'', would provide the audience with loving close-ups of the dynamic duo's chest, crotch and rear every time they suited up. Hard to tell however if this is an example of the Female Gaze or merely a homosexual version of the Male Gaze, considering how Camp the Batman movies had become by this point.
  • The X-Files episode directed by Gillian Anderson starts with the Male Gaze (camera just below armpit level, directed past Scully's bosom) and turns to Female Gaze (Mulder asleep in bed).
  • A good deal of Metal Gear Solid is geared towards the Female Gaze, given how taut and firm Snake's ass is.
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