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Cold? What Cold?
When characters can venture into icy climates without feeling the weather
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Sister trope to Convection Schmonvection, where characters can venture up a glacial mountain in the middle of a blizzard in nothing but their normal attire and be perfectly fine. This can be particularly absurd if the characters aren't wearing much to begin with. They may complain about the cold a bit, but no one suffers any ill effects aside from maybe a bit of shivering and sneezing, and if there's a fight scene they'll be just as agile and strong as if they were fighting in a normal environment.

In reality venturing into these types of situations will bode badly for you. Depending on just how bad the weather is you'll quickly lose feeling in your limbs making you sluggish, blood flow will slow down impairing your brain functions, and there's always the dangers of pneumonia, hypothermia and frostbite, not to mention death as a result of them.


Western Animation

  • Aladdin, Aladdin is banished to the "ends of the earth" and ends up in the middle of a blizzard. He's still barefoot and wearing only pants and a vest, but he's still in good enough shape to run about and dig out the carpet.

Video Games

  • Final Fantasy IX features the Ice Cavern. Zidane notes he's a bit cold but otherwise characters don't seem to notice the cold. Towards the end they suddenly grow weak and fall asleep, but it turns out to be a result of a spell of the boss and they wake up when he's killed.
  • Final Fantasy XII, half the main party is dressed in Stripperiffic attire but are fine when treking through the ice storms and snow drifts of the Paramina Mountains.
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