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Correction Bait
People can't resist correcting anything that's wrong.
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YMMV, Audience Reaction. Do We Have This One??

"The best way to get a question answered online is to post an incorrect answer to that question."
-- Gene Spafford

Decribe Correction Bait here.

Correction Bait, a sister to Flame Bait and Snark Bait, lures you by the urge of correcting something wrong from your inner mind, and draws attention from the people by this progress.

You don't know why it's so wrong. Maybe they did not do the research, and suffered from Critical Research Failure. Maybe they knew it all along, but then decided to ignore it since They Just Didn't Care. Maybe it's done deliberately. Maybe they just want to lure you out. But whatever, you're annoyed by the wrongness, and now you can't stop your urge to correct it!

This is a Truth in Television, since somehow we all have different extents of Super OCD to become perfect, and correct every mistake we find. And bad things are usually more memorable than normal ones, which may also have contributed to it. And oh well, did we tell you that correcting others provide a form of superiority?

A form of Schmuck Bait. Sub-Trope include Grammar Nazi, Stylistic Suck, Edit War, You Make Me Sic, Gannon-Banned. See also So Bad, It's Good, The Internet Is Serious Business, Accentuate the Negative. Distracting Disambiguation, Xylophone Gag. Compare Super OCD, The Perfectionist, Flame Bait and Snark Bait. Contrast Somebody Else's Problem. May result in Hypocrite, Lets See You Do Better, "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer, Aluminum Christmas Trees.

It's also the very reason of This Very Wiki to have Repair, Don't Respond, as well as preventing Natter and Flame Bait.

Please only list in-universe examples here - some people may think every Real Life Correction Bait is intentionally done, which is not true. Also, no work is perfect - to a enough picky/smart audience, there's always something that can still be corrected, so it'll end up listing every work there.


Live Action TV
  • In one episode of Open All Hours, Arkwright put up a sign with deliberately bad grammar in the hopes that people would come into the shop to correct it.
  • In the Columbo episode "The Bye-Bye Sky High I.Q. Murder Case", Columbo constructs the contraption the killer used to make it sound like the murder happened while he was outside the room. However, Columbo deliberately put an error into the contraption, knowing the murderer wouldn't be able to resist correcting it. See here.

Newspaper Comics
  • Dagwood once noticed a bakery with a misspelled hand-lettered sign advertising something. He went in to correct it, and came out with food. The bakery owner indicated that he had intentionally done it, and it was bringing in a bunch of business.

  • Discussed in the The Big Bang Theory episode "The Hawking Execution".
    Penny: I know what it means. And yes, you love correcting people and putting them down.
    Sheldon: Au contraire. When I correct people I am raising them up. You should know, I do it for you more than anyone.
    Penny: Come on, you do it to feel superior. I see that twinkle in your eye when someone says who instead of whom or thinks the moon is a planet.
    Sheldon: Or Don Quixote is a book about a donkey named Hotay.
    Penny: See, there it is, theres that twinkle.
    Sheldon: Well, I cant help it. Thats an involuntary twinkle.

Web Comics

Western Animations
  • In an episode of The Simpsons, this is Lisa's reaction when Bart describes Zorro as a history lesson come to life when they go to see a film about it.

"I can't take it anymore! It's spelled 'Describe'! How could you forget the freaking 's'?"
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