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Crit Or Miss Attack
An attack that either does critical damage or nothing at all.
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Critical hits tend to be very powerful, but also very rare, with generally less than 5% of pulling one off. With a Crit Or Miss Attack however, you can increase those odds to amazing levels. As the name implies, hover, this is balanced by the fact that if you don't get a critical hit, you're not going to do any damage at all. The odds are generally somewhere around 50/50, making them only really useful on enemies with high Defense like Stone Walls or Metal Slimes due to the fact that you'll end up doing 100% damage on normal enemies anyways.

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Video Games
  • From the Dragon Quest series, you have the Thunder Thrust/Lightning Thrust and Hatchet Man/Executioner attacks. The first forms have a 50% chance to hit, then a 50% chance to critical, while the latter forms have a 100% critical hit rate if you manage to land a hit.
  • Final Fantasy VII has the Deathblow Materia.
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