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Creator Fic
Creators write fic for their own work, not meant to be officially published or seen as canon.
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[...] myself, Simon and Nick tweeted our own little slivers of slash fiction chronicling the stolen glances, loaded comments and pregnant pauses between our dynamic duo. And things got very hot and sweaty indeed.

Some authors and actors communicate through Word of God, create massive Expanded Universe works or publish omake content.

And some just write Fan Fic snippets.

These aren't ever meant to be published or taken as canon. The authors and actors are just having a bit of fun with their own material.


  • The writers of Hot Fuzz indulged in some Nick/Danny Slash Fic on twitter.
  • David Gaider wrote a few pieces of fic for Baldur's Gate on fan forums, including a Seinfeld crossover. He also released an unofficial mod for his own game.
  • Matt Smith wrote private Doctor Who fic in order to get into character. It featured the Doctor meeting Einstein.
  • Daphne Ashbrook, who played companion Grace in Doctor Who, likes to post in-character snippets on her Tumblr and role-play the character when replying to fans.
  • Wendy Pini put some ElfQuest sketches on her website, featuring the elves lounging around in her house.
  • Mort Walker and his assistants have been known to invoke Rule34 by making dirty Beetle Bailey gags for their own amusement.
  • The creator of Gravitation and Gamerz Heaven, Murakami Maki, has done some seriously obscene doujinshi of her own works.
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