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Beautiful Gorgon

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Tell me if this seems too narrow a trope.

So, The Hero hears from the Quest Giver that there's a hideous she-monster bedeviling the town. A creature, so ugly it can stun those looking at her (bonus points if she can turn people to stone) and make them wish they'd brought their brown pants, she's so ugly. Except once the camera actually shows her... she's actually rather pretty. Sure, she has snakes for hair, glowing red eyes, fanged teeth and scaled skin... but her face is perfectly symmetrical, classically beautiful and might even have her scales colored to imitate tasteful makeup. Her body is probably nicely curvaceous too.

So I guess this is kind of like Informed Flaw: Female Monster Ugliness.

I thought of this after noticing that whenever Medusa is shown she's usually pretty underneath it all. The only actually ugly medusa depictions I can think of iare the ones in Clash of the Titans and The Story Teller: Greek Myths.

Beautiful medusas I've seen:
  • Medusa in Voyage Of The Unicorn.
  • If you don't count her being a boss fight, a giant head, having ginormous fanged teeth and trying to kill you, Medusa in Castlevania: Lament Of Innocence wasn't that ugly.
  • Who can forget Angelina Jolie's as Grendel's mom in Beowulf? Of course, Voluntary Shapeshifting helps, especially since earlier in the film her silhouette is pretty inhuman.
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