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All Scotsmen Are Cheapskates
Caledonian means mean.
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Seen It a Million Times. We have All Jews Are Cheapskates, but that's rather US-specific.

In media originating in the USA, if you want to portray a character who's mean with their money, the laws of stereotyping along with the fact that You Have to Have Jews means they'll usually be Jewish.

In the UK the usual preferred racial stereotype for meanness is the Scotsman.


Live Action Television: The Young Ones features a bit with Arnold Brown, who introduces himself as a "Scottish Jew - two racial stereotypes for the price of one".

Radio: I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, Graeme Garden and Barry Cryer's recurring characters of Hamish and Dougal greet each other by name, followed invariably with the phrase "You'll have had your tea..." (i.e. the character is implying "... so I won't be offering you anything to eat or drink."

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