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Make Wrong What Once Went Right

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Most time travelers have a motivation. It is just sometimes, it is not to Set Right What Once Went Wrong. Many are out to do the exact opposite: Set Wrong What Once Went Right. They could be anything from a time-traveling Stupid Jetpack Hitler, a (not necessarily but usually) Magnificent Bastard who wants to rearrange history in his favor, or a Jerk Ass who decides to mess with time For the Lulz. Sometimes a traveler with these goals is a protagonist: in this case, they are generally of the third kind. When paired up or teamed with a more ethical time traveler (in any sense of "paired up"), hilarity can ensue.

Note that it does not need to be 'setting wrong' from the point of view of the traveler himself, e.g. a time-traveling Neo-Nazi from the year 4242 would have no qualms with making the Nazis win WWII.

Examples: Star Trek: Enterprise is full of this, what with their Temporal Cold War and all. The entire third season is riddled with malicious time travel. Ironically, STE has the same lead actor as Quantum Leap, the Trope Namer for Set Right What Once Went Wrong.
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