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Ascended To Carnivorism

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Sometimes, with Carnivore Confusion, all animals are omnivores. Sometimes, only the evil characters eat meat; herbivores eat plants, and "good" carnivores go vegan or eat bugs. Sometimes, carnivores eat meat, herbovores eat plants, and there's nothing anyone can do short of replacing their digestive system... but in the last case, one of the herbivores, a prey animal, might get upset... might get a little obsessive about the injustice... might "crack" a little. Followed by the terrifying (or hilarious) sight of a wildebeest trampling a lion to death and feasting on the corpse.

Anime and Manga
  • In Tales of the Dark Forest, a half-crazy unicorn decides that if he eats the entire corpse of a human, he can gain human powers including a digestive tract that can handle meat. He's right, by coincidence.

  • In The Wild, the wildebeest antagonist has decided to make himself the top of the food chain.

  • In the Just So Story The Deer and the Panther Share a House, after Panther brings home the leftovers of a dead deer, Deer goes out and (with the help of an anteater) hunts down a panther for dinner.

Tabletop RPG
  • Traveller The New Era supplement Aliens of the Rim: Hivers and Ithklur. During a military campaign between the herbivorous K'Kree and the Ithklur, the fighting became so bitter that each side started performing atrocities on the other, including the K'Kree eating dead Ithklur bodies.

  • Digger the wombat is forced to do this to become an honorary member of the Hyena tribe.
  • Sort of happened in Kevin & Kell, where a dimensional traveler who was "furrified" into a rabbit on arrival maintained her omnivorous diet. This caused some shock to the local herbivores when she killed and ate a panther that attacked her.

Web Original
  • This shirt and the accompanying description is not about retribution or turnabout, but is worth noting.

Western Animation
  • In the Simpsons episode Helter Skelter, the retirement home is watching a nature show about elderly animals. An elderly lion runs out of energy, whereupon the Zebra turns around and takes a bite out of it.
    • The Simpsons also sometimes portray koalas as savage carnivores, often gnawing on bones during panning shots of a zoo.
  • A Looney Tunes short in which Sylvester and Tweety are Snowed-In featured a mouse who hasn't eaten in so long he "forgot what food looks like." He takes one look at Sylvester and decides to have him for dinner.
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