Not Real, Not A Problem
Characters express disbelief that something digital can have an effect on anyones life.

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Despite the importance of telecommunications in our daily lives, many people tend to underestimate just how important they are, especially as we creep closer to Everything Is Online. This can lead to disbelieving statements or outright denial when digital trouble has analogue effects. Even if traffic lights are going haywire, and water mains are popping from overpressure, they may protest against any suggestion that it has to do with computers.

Contrast Your Mind Makes It Real, where the persons mind is what is being impacted due to its suggestibility.

  • In Summer Wars most of the family doesn't realize how serious the problem of the internet being taken over by a rogue AI is, inadvertently sabotaging attempts to defeat it twice- first when the AI still demonstrated only a single avatar, and again by removing ice that was cooling a supercomputer when it was on the verge of containing it. Only after it aims a space probe at a nuclear power station do they realize the magnitude.
  • At the beginning of American Gods, Shadow expresses lack of faith in his electronic plane ticket - where he doesn't have a physical ticket, just a number to give at check-in - because it just doesn't seem real to him. It's nice foreshadowing of his siding with the old gods against the new, technology-based ones.
  • In an episode of Deep Space Nine, the Aliens Of The Week beam four DS9 crew members into a holographic game parkour. At the end, the situation gets quite dangerous and the crew members seem to die - only, to their own surprise, to turn up perfectly okay back in Quark's bar. May be justified, because holographic simulations actually can turn lethal in the Star Trek universe.
  • A strong example in N3mbers. A Playful Hacker cheerfully pisses off a number of powerful agencies online, legal and illegal, and is in total denial that they could come after him in real life.
  • Star Trek: First Contact has a woman from the mid 21st century exposed to holodeck technology for the first time. She is surprised when Picard's holographic tommy gun has very real (and very lethal) effects on the two Borg that follow them in.
  • There's an episode of The Fairly OddParents where Timmy and friends start out thinking this, but since the game is magic, it can really kill them, so Timmy has to save them.
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