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Chest of Comfort
You just won the battle, make it to your friend and collapse onto them head on their chest.
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A character just had a stressful encounter, be it fighting the latest Monster of the Week, defeating the Big Bad once and for all or just managing to get those pesky kids to bed, that drained them of almost all of their strength. But instead of collapsing on the spot they have enough energy to make it back to a Friend/Loved One/Ally. A small amount of banter is sometimes exchanged. The tired person then collapses into the other, sometimes knocking them down. The scene usually ends either with (1)The collapsee smiling down at the collapser in a warm manner or (2) yelling at them to get off. Sometimes both.

Possibly a sub-trope of Post-Dramatic Stress Disorder. See Marshmallow Hell and Funbag Airbag for tropes that are similar if the collapsee is a female. Possibilities exist for Luminescent Blush if collapsee is interested in the Collapser.

Examples: (Please add more)


  • At the end of episode five of Chrome Shelled Regios Layfon has just defeated a large number of Filth monster larvae by himself and gone outside without protective gear to defeat their mother. He makes it back into the city where Nina is waiting for him. She expresses amazement and concern to which Layfon replies. Cue him collapsing onto her and her not being able to support him. She immediately starts with (2) along with Luminescent Blush but quickly changes to (1)

  • Lina Inverse (F), does this onto Gourry (M) several time throughout the Anime Slayers

  • Sakura often does this (albeit usually inadvertantly) in the final arc of Cardcaptor Sakura after her powers are drained while transforming card. The majority of times, it is Syaoran who ends up the collapsee.

  • Inverted in Grenadier, where Yashiro (M) wakes up on Rushuna's plentiful bosom after killing the Big Bad and passing out. Oh, and they are both naked, inside a hot spring bath.


Soap: Danny's wife is shot while escaping some kidnappers but manages to make it all the way back home before dying in Danny's arms.

Highlander Connor finishes with the Quickening and then collapses just as Brenda reaches out to grab him. In the series Duncan beats Caleb Cole, has the Quickening, then collapses against Tessa as she hugs him.
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