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Dirty Mind Reading
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...And that's how Sasha learned where babies come from

Congratulations, You have just acquired the amazing superpower of Telepathy! Now you can now peek into the innermost thoughts of your friends and enemies whenever you want. Isn't that awesome?

There's a bit of a problem here, though. You see, people tend to think about sex. A lot, in fact. So, guess what you're going to find when you start mind-probing people out of curiosity?


Dirty Mind-Reading is what happens when someone with Telepathy has the misfortune of reading somebody's naughty thoughts, either because they can't control their powers or because they don't have the wits to use them responsibly and are simply getting their Karmic justice.

For bonus points, have them accidentally read the mind of someone in the next room actually having sex. A subtrope of A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read, though often played for comedy as well.
  • Sasha Nein from Psychonauts accidentally wound up doing this as a child when attempting to learn more about his mother by probing his father's mind. Most of them were happy memories. A few of them were really happy (and child-scarring) memories.
  • Psycho Mantis laments his telepathy in his Final Speech in Metal Gear Solid, particularly, "how everyone thinks of only one thing".
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