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Crippling Castration
A Groin Attack with permanent effects.
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Groin Attacks are often funny and rarely long-lasting. However, there is a darker version of them: castration, which is less rarely (though not always) played for laughs. Usually in fiction it's utilized in attempt for horror to show how sick the villain is, or inversely for revenge to a sicko who had it coming. If given to a rapist, it will also count as Laser-Guided Karma, maybe even a Karmic Death if they die from the blood loss. As with Groin Attacks in general, male examples are more common than female ones.


Comic Books
  • Jones in XIII takes a bullet that ends up going through her uterus, making her sterile.
  • A minor plot point in Sin City "That Yellow Bastard". Hartigan's Establishing Character Moment is removing the gun and penis off a pedophile (who happens to be the mayor's only son, landing Hartigan in prison for years) to save his victim Nancy. Years later, Hartigan believes Nancy to be in danger and looks for her, trailed by a grotesque little man who stinks and whose skin is bright yellow (in a black-and-white comic). It turns out the yellow man is the mayor's son, whose appearance is due to the multiple treatments needed to grow a new penis (the mayor needed grandchildren). Hartigan defeats him and once again, removes his weapons. "Both of them."

  • Antichrist: The husband's attempt to cure his wife of her trauma goes awry, and she eventually goes nuts and crushes his balls with a block of wood. Later on she feels guilty about doing this and as self-punishment gets a pair of scissors and...
  • Teeth centers around this. The protagonist Dawn discovers she's evolved a defense mechanism against rape: teeth in her vagina. A fortuitous tool for her, as this is set in a world where apparently All Men Are Rapists (except her dad, fhew!) By the end of the film Dawn has castrated three men, all of whom died from it, and seems to start a career of seeking out rapists to make them pay for their crimes.
  • The rogue alien hybrid Sif from 1995's Species has captured a woman, and tied the victim to her bed while taking her identity and her car. Before leaving, though, Sif is shown jabbing one hand between her victim's thighs; the next scene shows Sif carrying a handful of fleshy stuff to a trash bin. Doctor Baker explains Sif's gynocidal tendencies: "She's eliminating the competition."
  • In The Ice Pirates, the two protagonists are captured and it is decided that they are to be made into eunuch slaves. They are bound to a conveyor belt and metal jaws above proceed to emasculate the hapless victims before them, filling the factory-like setting with screams. Luckily, the princess intervenes and covertly lets them keep their crown jewels.
  • In Hot Shots! Part Deux, Topper Harley knees a guy in the groin so hard two walnuts come out of his mouth. Ouch.

  • In The Runelords, invader and first-book main villain Raj Ahten has a harem of wives whom no one is allowed to look upon lest they suffer castration or death. In the second book, there is a plot to curb the invasion by sending a group led by The Lancer, Borenson, to convince Raj Ahten's favourite wife to convince him to stop, using her magically enhanced beauty to hypnotize him. When he gets wind of this, Raj Ahten punishes Borenson personally by ripping out his genitals bare-handed. Borenson nearly bleeds to death but receives last-minute medical aid.
  • The Big Bad from Tim Powers's novel Last Call gets shot in the groin at the start of the book, leaving him unable to sire biological children. This is particularly problematic for him, because he'd planned to use magic to commit Grand Theft Me on his offspring when he got old.

Live-Action TV
  • America's Funniest Home Videos. Invoked when Tom Bergeron viewed a wedding clip through the Slo-Mo Gizmo: at one point in the clip, a wedding guest hurls a packed handful of rice at the groom's crotch, so Tom deduces that said guest must have previously dated the bride, and therefore, is trying to sabotage the groom's chances at wedded bliss.
  • Invoked in the Blackadder II episode "Bells", after Percy shoots a bow at Baldrick's groin:
    Baldrick: Not to worry, my lord, the arrow didn't in fact enter my body.
    Edmund: Oh good.
    Baldrick: No, by a thousand to one chance, my willy got in the way.
    Edmund: Extraordinary.
    Baldrick:And I only just put it there. But now, I will leave it there forever.
    Edmund: It can be your lucky willy.
    Baldrick: Yes, my lord. Years from now I can take it out and show it to my grandchildren.
    Edmund: Baldrick, I fear that grandchildren may now be out of the question.
  • The House episode ("Man of the House") featured a motivational speaker who was kicked so hard in the nuts his testicles stopped producing testosterone (or in the words of one of the characters, his testosterone levels were "just below Bieber"). It made him suffer from masculinity issues but also turned him into a powerful marriage seminar speaker.

  • The Lonely Island's song "Like a Boss" has the protagonist chop off his own balls during the course of "an average day". The whole thing is implied to be a hallucination, though, due to all its other wackiness.
    Seth Rogen: Uh-huh. So that's an average day in the life of you?
    Andy Samberg: No doubt.
    Seth Rogen: You chop your balls off and die.
    Andy Samberg: Hell yeah.

Web Comics

Web Original
  • Achievement Hunter's hosts of "Fails of the Weak" often joke about this when seeing some of the more unlucky players receiving knives to the crotch.
  • The Darwin Awards has this as its other condition for eligibility. As the awards are given to exceptionally stupid people who weeded themselves out of the gene pool, the conditions are thus that the "winner" must be either dead or castrated because of their actions, in order to be unable to reproduce and pass on their stupid genes.

Western Animation
  • In the short, "Minister Golf" from the Tiny Toon Adventures episode, "Sports Shorts", Baby Plucky is learning how to play miniature golf, and at one point, he accidentally hits his father hard in the groin with a golf ball. After the ball goes down the hole, we get this line:
    Mr. Duck: "Congratulations, Son! You're going to be an only child!"
  • Taken to extremes in one episode of South Park, where Kenny endeavors to completely shatter his dad's testicles in order to thwart his parents' plans to have a new baby.

Real Life
  • In the Falklands War of 1982, a Royal Marine suffered the most crippling flesh wound of all, losing his genitals but otherwise physically unharmed. His commanding officer visited him on board the hospital ship and raised his morale with the following exchange:
    Well, I'm afraid you're going to have to leave the service, Marine, after that injury.
    But why, sir? The medics tell me everything else is working and i'll be fit to carry on!
    (C/O sighs, resignedly). No. you've got to go. (Beat) didn't you know you've got to be a complete prick to be a Marine?
  • The infamous "Bobbitt case", where a woman named Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband John's penis in retaliation for his abuse and rape of her. It was soon reattached, and both folks received a fair deal of notoriety, which John tried to spin into a career.
  • A variety of male mammals, from rabbits to sea lions, sometimes attempt to bite rival males' testicles off when they fight over mates.
  • Some snails and slugs do the same, with the added twist that they're also hermaphrodites: the one which succeeds in gelding its opponent then inseminates its defeated rival, who's stuck with the more-costly task of laying the eggs.

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