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Racial Weapon Affinity
A <race> and his <Weapon Of Choice>
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Simply put, this trope is about the tendency in fiction for certain races to use certain weapons. Most of this probably goes back to Tolkien, and is now endemic across fantasy literature as a minimum. Dwarf, Elves and Humans are the most likely to meet these archetypes. Mostly because the other races vary more in depiction. Compare Tolkien's Trolls with Blizzard's for example.

Dwarves use Axes Elves use Bows Humans use Swords Hobbit/Comic relief types use Staves Troll/Ogres (The large thugish types) use Clubs


  • The Lord of the Rings : And the rest of tolkien.
  • [[Deverry]] : Katherine Kerr's 15 book epic matches the Dwarf, Elf and Human standards.
  • The Riftwar Cycle : Raymond E Fiest matches up the Dwarf, Elf and Humans again.

Do We Have This? I couldn't find an exact match, but perhaps some ammendments to Weapon of Choice would be better than a new trope. On the other hand, this is about physical rather than personality characteristics.

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