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If he can finish his own game you know he's a Badass.

One of many ways to make a character more Badass: make them from New Orleans. Maybe they honed their skills wrestling alligators in the bayou, maybe they have voodoo powers, but they're natives of The Big Easy and they're gonna let you know it.

Guaranteed gerr-on-teed to have a thick accent.

Note that Cajun does not mean from New Orleans. It is a Southern U.S. culture with French roots, an ethnic group mainly living in Louisiana (but many creators can't tell the difference.) See The Other Wiki here.


Comic Books
  • Gambit of the X-Men is nothing more than a collection of various stereotypes about thieves and Cajuns all rolled into one that has only recently been given any major Character Development. He was raised by your run-of-the-mill Cajun thieves' guild after being kidnapped at birth, and their leader was advised by a black Catholic voodoo priestess type! He has a Cajun accent so hardcore that even the writers of the X-Men books can't help but parody it now and then! Every time Gambit has a few issues in New Orleans, he WILL have scenes in either the swamps and/or the French Quarter and some mention of gumbo or jambalaya WILL be made, I gerr-on-tee it.

  • The movie Southern Comfort is about a bunch of Southern city boy National Guardsmen who make the mistake of stealing some boats from some swamp dwelling Cajuns.
  • Many of the New Orleans natives in The Big Easy, particularly Remy McSwain (Dennis Quaid).
  • The Not Even Bothering with the Accent page notes that Action Hero Jean-Claude Van Damme has been given a Cajun background in several of his movies, such as Universal Soldier and Hard Target. Technically an example, even though it's just a Hand Wave for his Belgian accent?

  • Edward S. Aarons' Assignment / Sam Durell series. Fictional CIA agent Sam Durell is the protagonist for all of the stories in this series. He has the nickname "The Cajun". He grew up in the swamps of Louisiana. Note that he was trained to have a "average" U.S. accent by the CIA, so he does not have the thick accent.
  • Rene on True Blood could count as an aversion, since he wasn't really Cajun but faked the accent.

Video Games

Western Animation

Tabletop RPG
  • Champions adventure C.L.O.W.N. A New Orleans based superhero team called the Bayou Brigade fought with the title villain group. One of its members, the Cajun Commando, "gay-ron-teed" to bring C.L.O.W.N. to justice.

Real Life
  • Possible Trope Namer is James Carville, a US political pundit with an accent and temperament to match the title.

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