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Everyone hates Mary Sue
A friendly, attractive, and universally talented character is hated by the other characters
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Oh look, little miss perfect wrote an article.


Anyways you know have everyone has something there good at, perhaps even the best person they know at it? Imagine someone new comes and this person is better than you at it, sound irritating right? Now this person is the best at pretty much everything, so everyone else is feeling this irritation. It doesn't even have to be a talent she is better than you at, for example the formally most attractive character might dislike this character because being attractive was her thing. This makes the talented person lots of enemies, it doesn't matter how friendly this person is. It turns out being the best at almost everything has indirectly made this person bad at making friends. Often being friendly gives her enemies self-loathing, which in turn further fuels there hatred of her. Obviously not being instantly beloved by all means this character doesn't meet the qualifications for some interpretations of what a Mary Sue is. Sometimes those that hate this character eventually do grow to accept her.


Western Animation
  • In Hey Arnold! it isn't long after she is introduced before Lila Sawyer is hated by the other girls. The episode was named "Ms. Perfect".
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