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Raunchy Tongue
Tongue used as sexual innuendo.
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One of the most common forms of sexual innuendo is for someone (usually male but not always) to stick out their tongue, often in an over-the-top way, as a response to the possibility of sex or if a woman appears in a Stripperiffic outfit.

The tongue is of course a stand if for... well you know. Extra points for saliva-dripping and popped-out eyes. The more movement the tongue makes, the less subtle the implication is.

Horny Sister Trope of the Nose Bleed and the Luminescent Blush, since the intent is almost always overtly sexual here and somewhat predatory.

Staple of perverts of all kinds but especially the Casanova Wannabe and the Handsome Lech. Females who apply for this trope are almost always the Slut.

If a villain does it, it's almost always in the context of I Have You Now, My Pretty. Not to be confused with Finger Licking Evil, even though they can overlap, and Licking the Blade, its darker counterpart.


Anime and Manga
  • All over the place in Hentai.

  • In Star Wars, Jabba The Hut does this to Leia as an upfront invitation.
  • Very nasty one in the William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet film, where one of Romeo's minions licks his own nipple in an unambiguous gesture towards a bunch of girls.

Live-Action TV

Visual Novels

Western Animation
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