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Aliens invented Velcro
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A subtrope of E.T. Gave Us Wi-Fi

In the greater trope the typical devices which are claimed to be alien technology are ones which greatly influence science and engineering such as lasers, computers, and micro waves. However one innovation finds its way into the trope with almost equal frequency.

For some reason velcro is a device so mind boggling that only aliens could have come up with it.

Interestingly enough most instances ignore the fact that velcro was invented before their in-universe date for first contact with aliens (Velcro was invented in 1941, most cases of ET Gave Us Wifi happen after the Roswell crash in 1947).


Live Action Television

Steven Spielbergs Taken Velcro is the first alien technology the people at Area 51 manage to adequately understand.

Star Trek: Enterprise has an episode in which it is revealed that velcro was given to humans by a ship wreck vulcan in the 1960s.

Sliders episode "The Return of Maggie Beckett" showcased a parallel world where The Greys gave Earth new technologies and allowed for significant advances. Rembrandt says he always believed this was the case for his own world and cites several technologies, including Velcro. (Both this and the Enterprise episode listed above were written by the same guy: Chris Black.)


Men In Black lists velcro as an alien technology patented to fund the MIB

Western Animation

The episode "Oops, I Did It Again" from The Powerpuff Girls gives us the following exchange, complete with visuals as each subject gets mentioned:
Blossom: Oh, Professor, lots of inventions were discovered by accident. Like electricity.
Bubbles: And the telephone. Buttercup: And let's not forget Velcro! Oh, wait -- aliens gave us that.
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