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Mundanely Named Child
Generic names for generic child characters.
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In a work that features a generic child character, especially if the character or setting is conspicuously wholesome (and doubly so if it's a parody), the kid will have a particularly mundane name that is a diminutive of an adult name. This kind of naming can signal that the character is supposed to represent Everykid, lampshade the hokey nature of the setting, or be used for ironic effect if the kid is not so wholesome after all.

These names tend to have two syllables, with the accent on the first. They also usually end in the diminutive suffix "-y" or "-ie" (in other words, the sound [i] as represented in IPA ).

Favorites for girls include Susie and Sally; for boys, Billy, Jimmy and Bobby. Bonus points if they are addressed or referred to with "Little" preceding their name.
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