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When adapting a film or book series and changing the race or skin colors(usually with an American movie making them white).

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So you hear that some director wants to make a movie of one of your favorite fictions, like a book, anime, cartoon or perhaps do a[[foreign remake. You go look up the actors choosen for it and find them unexpectedly monochromatic.

This is Whitewashing, a very specific form of adaption decay in which characters from a serious are very obviously switched from any minority they might be portrayed to a more easily available actor substitute. This can be pretty glaringly obvious if lead characters are from minority groups and switched to a white actor, though it can go both ways, say a black actor playing an originally white character but not often.

This is a subtrope of [Adaptation Decay] applying almost exclusive to [Live-Action Adaptation], compare with [Adaptation Dye-Job]. ---


[[Folder:Anime Adaptions]] [[Folder:Foreign Remakes]]
  • [[Film: Quarantine]]: Remake of [REC]
  • The Ring

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