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Undefeatable Little Village
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  • NOT going to expand this trope to include full-size countries, much less entire planets - no matter how powerful foes they face. So I guess this is a kinda rare trope... Launching it with the current list of examples tomorrow unless the discussion goes elsewhere. Oh, and if Wakanada is actually a full-size country - please tell me and I'll remove the example.

It is such a friendly, peaceful little place.

In spite of being surrounded by the big malevolent empire, and technically being at war with it, the village is not the least bit warlike or aggressive. Yet the empire keeps sending it's great legions, and the little village keeps crushing them all as if they was simply swatting flies. Perhaps it is a Town with a Dark Secret, or populated by Badass Crews. Whatever the reason, it's practically invincible.

While the "village" can be some other form of small civilian community (a block in a city, for exemple), it must still be small and civilian. Military outposts do NOT count, and neither do entire cities or fullsized countries. So, no, 300 is not an example.

While the "Empire" can be some other form of huge monolithic force (a megacorporation or international crime syndicate, for example), it must still be huge, powerful, prone to violence, and known for conquering all in it's way. A single country, normal corporation or criminal gang will not do.

Compare Hidden Elf Village, which stay independent through not getting detected instead of crushing all the hordes the empire sends aganist it. Also compare David Versus Goliath.

Comic Books
  • Astérix is probably the Ur-Example.
  • In the Fables album "The Good Prince", The Empire is severely shaken by such a village, having sent more troops against it then it could afford to lose.
  • In Marvel Comics, the African city-state Wakanada has successfully fought any and all invadetrs that have come to cause trouble. This includes everything from enemy tribes to aliens.

  • In Kung Fu Hustle, Pig Sty Alley is this kind of village within a larger city dominated by criminal gangs.

Video Games
  • In Heroes of Might and Magic III, the town of Fair Feather fills this role in the campaign mission "Guardian Angels". As the name implies, the reason for the town's survival is because Angels are guarding the town, which the player can recruit and promptly turn the whole mission into a cakewalk.
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, Goodsprings is one of these, if you decide to help them drive away the Powder Gangers.

  • For a time, Emond's Field in The Wheel of Time became this trope, fighting off WAY more Trollocs than it had any right to using little more than skilled archers and a sheer stubborn refusal to lose.

Web Comics
  • During an arc of Sluggy Freelance, it's revealed that a small town near the Canadian border ended up playing this role for a crime-syndicate who had, previously, used it as a center for their smuggling-operations. The reason? Knife Nut Tyke Bomb Quasi-Immortal Oasis, whose most recent reincarnation had turned out unusually sane and kindhearted, had made it her Protectorate. Wearing a red hoodie, she turned into the vigilante 'Red Riding Hood' and basically stabbed any criminal who dared enter the city. The syndicate finally sent a top-tier, highly-paid Career Killer - a master assassin. He managed to kill her, but obviously didn't know about the 'Quasi-Immortal' bit, and wound up getting stabbed anyway. He sought alternate employment with great rapidity at that point.
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