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Bastards Are Always Sons
Illegitimate children are Always Male.
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Whether he's a Heroic Bastard or a Bastard Bastard, it doesn't matter - in TV land, Bastards Are Always Sons.

There are several possible reasons why this occurs, and most of them are related to the fact that bastards tend to pop up most often in historical and fantasy settings.

Firstly, these settings usually have a high male-to-female ratio across the whole cast with only a token female and some Shallow Love Interests, and that might be reflected in bastards.

Another reason is that the tension of having bastards often hinges on them being unable to inherit their fathers' titles and fortunes. In historic settings, all daughters are often unable to inherit, and the popular "illegitimate son vs. legitimate daughter" dilemma cannot happen with a bastard daughter.

Yet another possible reason is that father-son resemblances and parallels are often more noticeable than father-daughter ones.

It might also be related to Law of Inverse Fertility.
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