Beware The Self-Righteous Ones

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Wiggum: Gee, I really hate to spoil this little love-in, but Mr. Malloy broke the law, and when you break the law, you gotta go to jail.
Quimby: Hey, uh, that reminds me. Here's your monthly kickbacks.
Wiggum: ... you could NOT have picked a worse time for this.
- From "Homer the Vigilante" from The Simpsons (Wiggum was referring to the local Gentleman Thief, who after getting caught returned the items he stole in sort of a Pet the Dog manner, leading popular opinion among Springfielders to want him let go)

Do We Have This One?? Oh, and I'm open to title suggestions.

This is for the idea that those who are more self-righteous are more likely to be guilty of that which they are judgmental towards.
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