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Proxy Fighting Body

Why risk yourself when you can fight via proxy?

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Caption: No extra lives in real life makes the whole thing Nintendo Hard.

The Chessmaster loves using others as pawns to fight their adversaries, even if they do occasionally deign to use themselves in the battle. However, some settings allow characters to apply their fighting skill on an opponent without ever risking their body. This Proxy Fighting may be thanks to giant robots with remote control (being in the cockpit of your own robot still carries a lot of risk), controlling people via Psychic Powers, magic or technology, or the relatively "mundane" use of VR. If institutionalized as a competitive sport of some kind, the safety of/to the player will be touted as a selling point.

Except it's probably not.

If the proxy uses an Unusual User Interface like brain jacks, then theres probably going to be nasty feedback from damage, possibly fatal if Your Mind Makes It Real (and any inhibitors have been sabotaged). If the proxy's are humans or alive, you also have the fairly obvious ethical dilemma of using People Puppets to fight your battles. Even if there's no more threat to the player than modern day videogames, the sheer immersion may lead to psychological problems regardless of physical safety. Tele controlled robot bodies are nice, but if your real soldiers are ordered to kill real civilians no amount of distance will help.

Related tropes include: Demonic Possession, People Puppets, Puppeteer Parasite, Meat Puppet, Living Doll Collector.

  • Gamer uses criminals as Condemned Contestants with nanomachine wifi receivers to offer players a living first person shooter.
  • Surrogates has tele controlled robot bodies used this way, but also for daily life, deconstructing the effects it would have on society.
  • Real Steel has robot fights used this way.
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