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Ready For Lovemaking
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Just doing what any good courtesan does.

When a character presents him/herself in a way that shows this character is totally ready to have sex. Usually applies to ladies, but can be guys as well. Often the character is lying on a bed, but not always.

Sometimes it's in anticipation of sex, and sometimes it's outright seduction.

If it's anticipation, the likelihood of this character actually getting some is inversely proportional to the amount of time we see this character getting ready.

If it's seduction, we rarely see any preparation. We just see a seduction walk into a room, and this character is right in there. The success rate is inversely proportional to the targets's moral fiber, or the target's willpower, if this character has some other methods to enhance the seduction.
  • As in the picture, one of the endings in the Princess Maker games is a courtesan, and the third game shows this scene.
  • Samantha got in a big fight with her boyfriend after she did this in the Sex and the City movie, and he came home really late.
  • Spoofed in a Frasier episode, where Roz thinks Bulldog is being nice to her, but he does this at the end, showing he just wanted sex with her.
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