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Walking Swimsuit Scene
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Needs More Examples, Needs a Better Title.

Also known as: Casual Swimsuit.

For some reason, some girls seem to walk around in a swimsuit only for Fanservice, which may be justified because they work at a swimming pool or at the beach.

These girls don't have to wear only a swimsuit; they can still wear other clothing as long as we see that there is a swimsuit underneath. For example, Misty of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver wears a jacket and sandals, but we can see that she's wearing a swimsuit underneath.



  • Many Fanservice Extras in the James Bond films. (Commonly included in any list of "Bond Girls" but Bond Girl refers to characters with actual personalities.)

Live-Action TV
  • Every female character on Baywatch, ever.

Video Games

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