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Science is Wrong
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The extreme end and/or reason for Science Is Bad. May overlap by also presenting scientists as bad and wrong.

In this trope, science is simply wrong: it lacks objectivity and does not describe anything "real". I really can't explain it with any more depth or complexity than this. There are a number of general forms in which science is considered:
  • As culturally constructed rather than objective, thereby does not describe any "facts"
  • As a system of beliefs and processes crated by DWM and thus irrelevant and destructive to groups X, Y, X
  • As simply ineffectual in providing an adequate understanding of the world

  • Romanticism
    • Also, the work of H.P. Lovecraft, whose state as a romanticist is debated
  • H.F., the narrator of Defoe's Journal of the Plague Year, eventually concludes that all the proposed scientific explanations for plague are incorrect, including the microbial theory which we understand today as true
  • In Milton's Paradise Lost, Raphael tells Adam that God laughs at the astronomers who try to understand the motions of His heavens
  • Most Young Earth Creationist fiction contains varying degrees of this
  • Extremely common in feminist fiction since the 1960s
    • Curiously averted by Virginia Woolf in To The Lighthouse, where the botanist William Bankes is presented more positively than any of the other men, and leaves the question of "understanding" the world quite undecided
  • Real Life examples are numerous. To name a few: Judith Butler, Thomas Kuhn, Bruno Latour
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