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Full Potential Upgrade
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A character is powerful. So powerful that their current weapon just won't do the job.

Whether it's because they're so powerful that they break the weapons they use, or a normal weapon simply won't allow them to fight to their full potential, the result is the same: That character must seek out a weapon capable of surviving their use.

Typically this will be a Named Weapon, often a magically enhanced blade of some kind or otherwise created out of some rare material. Almost as often this weapon will need to be crafted specifically for the character's use. The first use of this new weapon is almost always a Crowning Moment of Awesome.

This trope does not apply to when a weapon needs an upgrade to fight the Big Bad, but rather is specific to when a hero needs the upgrade to keep up with their own increases in power. Compare Evolving Weapon, which may either be a solution to this situation or prevent it from ever occurring. Contrast Amplifier Artifact, which empowers an ability beyond the character's capabilities.
  • Wands and Wizards in the Harry Potter universe have to be precisely matched up largely for this reason. Using another wizard's wand or a hand-me-down is far less effective than using one properly matched.
    • There is an exception to this rule, as wands successfully won or stolen from the hand of their owner will shift their loyalty to the person who took it.

Live-Action TV
  • Early on in Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger the heroes' original weapons are broken, and all the replacements they have are too old to be of any use, so they have to go on a quest to find a set of legendary weapons.

Manga & Anime
  • A filler episode of One Piece shows Roronoa Zoro was plagued by this problem, with his second and third swords constantly breaking in battle, before getting his Named Weapons Yubashiri and Kitetsu III.
  • Yoshika encountered this in episode 8 of Strike Witches' second season. She began to have problems flying and there seemed to be nothing wrong with either her body or her Striker unit. The episode ends with the explanation that Yoshika's power had grown to the point her Striker unit couldn't handle what she was putting into it. Fortunately, a new Striker invented by her father was capable of handling her higher output and allowed her to fight better than ever.
  • Haru Glory of Rave Master inherited his Ten Commandments sword from Shiba when he became the second Rave Master. Towards the end of the series, we learn that, because the sword was created for Shiba's use, Shiba alone could wield it properly. An entirely new Ten Commandments had to be crafted from scratch for Haru's use.
  • The RX 78-2 mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam had to be upgraded multiple times because Amuro was thinking and attempting to make it move faster than even the best Federation suit could handle.
  • Goemon from Lupin III kept breaking his swords when he first developed his insane cut-through-anything technique, the Lupin III page makes mention of his Zantetsuken, so it's implied he did indeed get a better sword.
  • In Berserk, Guts needs to upgrade to the Dragon Slayer to fight Apostles without breaking his sword (which is only possible because he has the inhuman strength to cut through said enemies in the first place.)
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, after Subaru embraced her inherent cyborg fighting techniques, Shari upgraded her Intelligent Device to be able to handle her increased speed and power.
    • Also, after A's, the TSAB technicians were having enormous trouble creating a Device to handle Hayate's insane power output (she kept breaking all of them), so in the end she had to create one on her own.

Video Games
  • In Custom Robo Arena your first robo, the Ray mk II, supposedly gets worn out by your high mental energy (although this has no in-game effect, other than the fact that it is replaced by the Ray mk III). Also, Stark, the Old Master, has to use a special military Robo to fight at his full potential.
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