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Rapid Fire Bonus
A video game powerup to increase your firing rate
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The rapid fire bonus is a video game powerup that removes restrictions on the rate at which your gun fires. This ability typically wears off after a short time. A common setup is that the player must press the fire button for every shot, and the Rapid Fire powerup allows you to simply hold down the fire button. In such cases, the effect of rapid fire could be achieved in its absence by a player with sufficient Button Mashing skills. In other cases, the powerup may remove One Bullet at a Time.


  • Major Stryker: Granted by collecting an "R".
  • Duke Nukem II: The flamethrower weapon always has rapid fire enabled, but a powerup enables it temporarily for other weapons.
  • Hocus Pocus: Granted by a potion.
  • Jazz Jackrabbit series: Unlike many games, there is a continuum. The more rapid fire guns you collect, the faster you shoot while holding down the fire button. You don't lose the ability unless you die.
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