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Humanoid Alien Protagonist

A protagonist that is a sentient humanoid alien

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Not a Starfish Alien, but not human either. This could be a book written from the persepctive of spock or an alien species with human simmilarities.

compare Alien Among US

  • The title character in The Man Who Fell to Earth, as played by David Bowie. He comes to Earth to obtain water for his drought-stricken planet.
  • In Star Trek: Blind Man's Bluff Mackenzie Calhoun the protagonist of the story is a xenexian starfleet officer.
  • The narrative in Roswell High jumps between the six main characters: three are human, three alien.
Western Animation Anime and Manga
  • Nadia looks human and honestly believed she was until learning she's an Atlantian, while aboard Red Noah. The Alantians were not, however, an advanced human civilization as believed in myth. Rather, they were alien overlords who crash landed on Earth millions of years ago. Nadia, her father, Nemo, and her brother, Emperor Neo, are the last of their kind.
  • The comic books series Super Man is focused on non human hero.
  • Thor is about a non human Super Hero who has a special hammer.
  • Martian Man Hunter is a martian with human simmilarities
Live Action TV
  • The Doctor from Doctor Who is a humanoid alien.
  • Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is shapeshifter and in natural state doesn't have any shape, doesn't eat or breathe. However, he takes humanoid form when he lives among humanoids.
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