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All game controllers have wires
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As of the past two generations of video games, all game controllers have become wireless and will likely remain wireless into the foreseeable future. However, as most of you probably already know, that was not always the case. For most of video gaming's short history game controllers have had wires. Some writters and artists seem to forget that this is no longer the case, so it's commonplace to see modern works that depict characters playing "the latest video game" with what looks like a controller from the 1990's.

Sometimes this is done purposely to try and invoke a retro feel to the show, sometimes it's simply that the writer is out of touch with these new fangled gaming devices. In any case, even when we start controlling video games entirely with our thoughts, most media will likely still show controllers with wires.

Note, that it does not count as this trope if the characters are explicitly playing an older gen console.
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