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Animation Episode
An episode dedicated to the animation process
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Animation is a challenging process. It costs several thousands of dollars to make, and takes months (about a week at fastest) to produce. This is no different in fiction. However, characters, for whatever reason, will still want to try their hand at the process. The result is often hilariously bad.
Anime and Manga
  • Episode 33 of Keroro Gunsou had Keroro and his platoon, inspired by an Animated Adaptation of his favorite manga, decides to make an anime as a means to Take Over the World. After experiencing some roadblocks resulting from jumping straight into the world of anime without any prior knowledge of the process outside of a how-to book, they decide to infiltrate the offices of a fictional version of anime studio Sunrise (the studio behind the show). They use this info to create a very amateurish cartoon. The platoon (and Angol Mois, who did the sound recording) love it, but Natsumi blasts it.
  • Kirby of the Stars did an episode where King Dedede hired the entire Cappy Town populace, none of which experienced in animation, to make a cartoon about himself with Kirby as the villain.

Western Animation
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